Candy Machines

Whether you are looking for a candy machine for your man cave, club, business, or your route we have all the classics and the newest models. Put it on a stand, on a table top, or counter and get ready to watch the quarters fly. Many of our machines can also vend gumballs and prize capsules, the choice is yours. Candy vending machines like ours trigger the nostalgia of childhood and still make kids smile and beg for quarters today!

If you are looking for multiples of the same machine then head over to our packages page to see if we offer a bulk discount.

Vending Machine Factory sells only the highest quality vending products. Here you will find well known brands such as Tpico International and Ok Manufacturing. Both companies have been creating commercial grade vending machines for decades. We also carry product giants such as Sqwishland Toys. Don’t forget to check us out on facebook and instagram.