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Enjoy our large selection of bulk gumballs, bulk candies, and bulk prizes. Here you will find products from well known companies such as Sweetworks and Sqwishland Toys. We are always making new additions and we never charge for shipping on our candies, gumballs, and prizes! If you don’t have any yet be sure to look over at our vending machine page to see all your options and be sure to think about personalizing your machines too. 

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Gumballs are believed to have been around since they were invited by Thomas Adams around 1871. Thomas Adams discovered by accident that chicle from South America made a much better “gum” product than the current paraffin wax based gum. The Thomas Adams Gum Company sold gum through vending machines in New York City and in retail stores. At some point a NY city grocer disappointed with his gum sales transformed gum from stick or block shape into the round shape we know today as a gumball. Naturally this shape was well suited to be sold in vending machines and  In 1907 the first gumball machine was released. Around the time that the first gum vending machines were created so too where candy vending machines and toy vending machines. With such a long history and tradition in the United States, it’s no wonder that bulk candy, bulk gumballs, and bulk prize machine businesses are still thriving today. Kids have a hard time resisting even in this age of high tech gadgets. 

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